Single Issue, The

Al Hsu

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Nearly half today’s adult population is unmarried. Most churches, however, emphasize marriage and family in a way that leaves many Christian singles feeling like second-class citizens. Although Jesus himself was single, the single state is often regarded as a problem in itself (rather than having problems, as marriage does).

By contrast, The Single Issue  sets out a positive, biblical view that honours singleness as a status equal to marriage. Avoiding trite advice on how to suffer through the single life, it offers practical insights on key concerns such as sex, celibacy and the constructive use of solitude—and points the way to a Christian community in which all members are equally valued.

Al Hsu is an acquisitions and development editor at InterVarsity Press (USA). He has served as a columnist for Christianity Today magazine and is the author of Grieving a Suicide and The Suburban Christian. He lives near Chicago, Illinois, USA.

Includes an interview with John Stott on singleness