Privilege of Persecution, The

And Other Things the Global Church Knows That We Don’t

Carl Moeller

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Many Americans view the persecuted church as “third-world,” needy, uneducated, and poor —
sorely lacking in much of what we assume the church needs to function well. Essentially, we
see them as being in need of us. But the irony, say Carl Moeller and David Hegg, is that we’re
in much greater need of them.
Through a combination of inspiring real-life stories, first-hand experiences, and exposition of key Scripture
passages, Dr. Carl Moeller and Pastor David Hegg examine the “normal Christian life” of Christ-followers
currently suffering persecution around the world. In topical chapter after chapter, the authors conclude that
the suffering church’s vibrant, sacrificial, and communal faith is much closer to God’s intent for His church
and His children. The authors explore the areas of community, leadership, worship, prayer, and generosity,
among others, revealing specific attitudes and actions of the suffering church that can renew the spiritual
lives of Christians in the West. Each chapter ends with challenging questions and suggestions for personal
and corporate application.