Undaunted 爱里没有惧怕 (DVD)



麦道卫Josh McDowell Ministries

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Audio: Mandarin / Chinese (中文)
Subtitle:Simplified Chinese (中文字幕)
“爱里没有惧怕” 是一个真实的故事,讲述麦道卫如何在一个破碎家庭成长, 经历了父亲酒, 家暴和性侵犯,造成他否定神。结果在一个证实耶稣基督不存在的旅程中,他面对上帝的爱与转化的大能,重建人生目标及建立健康家庭,活出精彩人生。

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“Undaunted is a compelling and riveting story. This docu-drama is going to bring vision and hope to the most wounded generation in our nation’s history.” — Dr. Dennis Rainey, President and CEO, FamilyLife

“I was moved from beginning to end. This film will open up the dialogue and doors that will allow the gospel to get to the harder places of our lives that are buried in shame and guilt.” — Marc V. Rutter, U.S. National Director, Cru

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