Lead & Succeed

How to Inspire and Influence with Confidence in an Ever-Changing Business World

Sara J Moulton Reger

Price: S$33.71

“You will read this book more than once.” ~ Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager and Lead Like Jesus
Why would you–a busy professional and business leader–even think about reading a book more than once? Only when that book makes your busy life easier. Lead and Succeed does exactly that by being a ready reference full of proven strategies and timeless wisdom for successful leadership.

For every question you have–from communicating a clear vision to making good business decisions and beyond–you can turn to Lead and Succeed for answers. This book is organized by the responsibilities that successful leaders must perform well. In it, you’ll find just what you need to…

  • Establish authorities and responsibilities
  • Develop teams and build commitment
  • Communicate your expectations
  • Correct others
  • Address strife and resistance
  • Succeed as a leader in today’s world

Whether you’re heading a fast-growing department, starting your own business, or guiding collective efforts for a global company, Lead and Succeed gives you the confidence to know you are positively impacting business results as well as the lives of others, all the while operating from a solid, trustworthy foundation.