Sheep of His Hand, The

Suzanne Davenport Tietjen

Price: S$24.08

“The Sheep of His Hand” is a walk through the Psalms alongside a little band of sheep. Sheep are individuals, and benefit from individualized care. Shepherds have always dealt with primal concerns–birth, death, love, rejection. Technology has changed much in the last millennium but the mud and the blood of shepherding are timeless–and sheep are still sheep.
Sharing this ancient occupation with the Psalmist helped Suzanne Tietjen to understand what David had to say about walking with God.

“This book is amazing I not only learned more about sheep than I ever knew, I learned something about The Shepherd, too.”
Bob Hartman
performance storyteller and author, “The Lion Storyteller Bible”

“Brilliant . . . This highly original book breathes fresh life into an old metaphor. It deserves to be read by millions.”
Dr. Mark Stibbe
The Father’s House Trust

“Beautifully written, refreshingly funny, and spiritually profound. This is the kind of book that sticks with you. Buy it. Read it. Share it with a friend.”
Dr. Bill Giovannetti
author, “How to Keep Your Inner Mess from Trashing Your Outer World”

“The escapades and tragedies of Suzanne’s little woolly sheep touched my heart.”
Karen H. Whiting
author, “God’s Girls”