Apologetics Beyond Reason

Why Seeing Really Is Believing

James W. Sire

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“There are a million signposts pointing toward the specific truth of God in Christ. I’ve seen many of them. But God is speaking to you too. Look and see. Listen and hear.”

In this engaging work, veteran apologist Jim Sire gives us eyes to see the myriad “signals of transcendence” all around us. Focusing on the power of literature—even from those who deny the existence of God—enables us to perceive and testify to God’s reality in ways that rational argument alone cannot.

We should no doubt seek truth. But goodness and beauty also call us. All inspiration is rooted in God the Creator, and some of God’s reality lies buried until an artist exposes it. Those who love literature, the arts, philosophy and apologetics will encounter not a leap of faith but a leap beyond reason to sudden, direct experience of reality.