Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church

A Guide For Ministry

Michael Lawrence

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“Michael Lawrence has provided us with a masterly study that relates biblical theology to systematics, and then applies both to the ministry of the church. It is thorough without being overly technical, making it accessible to anyone who wants to be a better preacher or teacher of the Bible.”
Graeme Goldworthy, Visiting Lecturer in Hermeneutics, Moore Theological Collade, Sydney, Australia

“This clearly written and compelling volume envisions afresh the work of pastor-theologians I believe that Biblical Theology in the Life of the Church will certainly be one of the most important books for pastors and theologians to read this year.”
David S. Dockery, President, Union University

“This work is a succinct, readable manual on the right application of the story line of the whole Bible to the common issues of daily life that pastors will inevitably face as they minister in the twenty-first century. It is a valuable addition to the library of any pastor who yearns to see God’s Word bear fruit for eternity.”
Andrew Davis, Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church, Durham, North Carolina

“For anyone who believes that theology needs the church and the church needs theology, this will be a welcome resource. For anyone playing with the idea, it will be a compelling one.”
Michael Horton, J. Gresham Machen Professor of Systematic Theology and Apologetics, Westminister Seminary California

“Michael Lawrence’s unshakable commitment to propositional revelation and to the centrality of the Bible in the church ministry, and his unflinching belief that God works by His Word, are a great foil to much theology in vogue in the church today.”
Grant J. Retief, Rector, Christ Church, Umhlanga, Durban, South Africa