Miracles in the ER

Extraordinary Stories from a Doctor’s Journal

Robert D. Lesslie

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Extraordinary… unexplainable… seemingly miraculous events that couldn’t have happened –  but did. True stories of life changes answered prayers, and inner and other healing where it appeared impossible.

Again and again, bestselling author Dr. Robert  Lesslie  has encountered such miracles in the ER during his decades of experience in emergency medicine. In these Vignettes, Dr. Lesslie chronicles surprising outcomes involving…

  • the high-school runner with deadly bone cancer… and what happened
  • the mom who unexpectedly meets the young man who caused her son’s death
  • human “angels” sent to a family who suddenly finds itself without a home

These and dozens more touching, dramatic, thought-provoking snapshots of life will grace you with hope and prompt you to look more closely for the miracle stories around you that so often go unseen and untold.