I Do or Do I?

Are You Ready to Change Your Relationship Status?

J. Robin Maxson & Garry Friesen

Price: S$20.90

Is he / she the one? Is it okay to stay single? Can we live together to see if we’re compatible?

Decisions about whether to marry and who to marry have never been more complicated. Opinions about singleness, sex, and marriage have shifted so much that it’s hard to find a place to stand. You wonder:

What does the bible really say about marriage? Is it as cut-and-dried as some people have made it?

How do I understand God’s will for me when it comes to finding something to share my life with?

“I DO” or DO I? is the ideal guide to help you answer these questions. It will equip you to think about marriage within the whole scope of your relationship with God and will enable you to discover your unique place in His world – marriage or single.