What’s the Deal With?

500 Questions Today’s Students Are Asking About the Biggest Issues in Life

Brian Schulenburg

Price: S$20.87

It was a sixteen-year-old named Charlie who first started asking Brian Schulenburg the tough questions about faith, God, and life. And since then, Brian meets every other week with dozens of students who are asking the same questions. While he doesn’t have all the answers, he’s found that just letting the students ask the questions and wrestle through them together, life change is happening.

Here you’ll find 500 of those tough questions, perfect for you to use with your own students. You’ll get them thinking and talking about the things that probably confuse and bewilder them.

Questions like :

  •   What’s the deal with the Bible? How do we know that we can trust it?
  •   What’s the deal with heaven? Will there be sex in heaven?
  •   What’s the deal with sin? Are some sins worse than others?
  •   What’s the deal with dinosaurs? Were there dinosaurs on the ark?
  •   What’s the deal with tragedy? Why would God let a baby die?

There may not always be a “right” answer, but there will be great discussions that lead to life change. If you’re looking for a way to get your students talking and thinking about some of the deeper issues of faith and life, What’s the Deal With… is the perfect book to keep on hand.