Live Before You Die

Wake Up To God’s Will For Your Life

Daniel Kolenda

Price: S$24.50

Are you ready to fulfill your destiny?

The eternal, omnipotent, all-wise God made you with His own hands. Before you were even born He had a dream for your life! But sometimes it is hard to know what that dream is or how to follow it.

In Live Before You Die Daniel Kolenda draws from Scripture and his own experiences to help you discover and follow God’s call. With advice that is both practical and inspiring he reveals:

  • Five secrets to discovering God’s will
  • How to start moving in the right direction
  • What to do when God says wait
  • How to stay in the will of God
  • And more

Whether your journey takes you to the mission field or medical school… whether you become a construction worker, stay-at-home mom, businessman, teacher, chef, or pastor—YOU can experience the wonder of God’s will for you life and live His adventure for you.

It’s time to go for it!