Act Like Men

40 Days to Biblical Manhood

James MacDonald

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As goes the man, so goes the family–the church–the nation–and sadly, it’s not going well. Every statistic, from porn to paternity, from divorce to detention rates, shouts with astounding clarity: “Men are in trouble!”

Men are struggling not to slip into superficial, self-indulgent secularism when so many on every side are running in that direction. The need is urgent and the time is now for real revival in the hearts of men. If you are seeking a path forward–an action to get some traction in a better direction–Act Like Men is that path.

I believe men want to be challenged and stretched, tested to the limits of who we are. That’s how God designed us.

  • If you know you’re not the man God created you to be…
  • If your relationship with God is far from transforming your life…
  • If you don’t even have a clue what the next step should look like…

It’s Time For You to Take a Step Toward Living Out God’s Calling.

My prayer is that you will dig in and begin to p[ray, asking God to engrave on your heart what it truly means to act like a man, and experience the fulfilment He created you, as a man, to enjoy.