God, Just Tell Me What to Do

How To Put Your Faith into Action

Michael Youssef

Price: S$22.40

Discover a dynamic faith… one that really works

God is constantly teaching us through our daily experience. He wants us to master today’s challenges and to be equipped to take on even greater challenges tomorrow. He wants our lives to reveal the reality of our growing faith and godly character.

In God, just tell me what to do, Dr Michael Youssef offers biblical wisdom and encouragement, to help you live out your Christian faith in such important areas as

  • using your resources wisely
  • thriving through trials and temptations
  • understanding and obeying the Word of God
  • guarding against the pressures of culture
  • taming your tongue

As you learn to put your faith into action as a follower of Christ, you will discover depths of strength, courage, and joy you never knew were waiting for you.