Year of Prayer, A

Approaching God with an Open Heart Week After Week

John MacArthur

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Each new day is yet another opportunity for you to draw near to God in prayer.  He longs for you to enter His presence, pour out your heart, and trust in His care.

But what to say?

A Year of Prayer is filled with weekly inspiration to use as a springboard for your prayer life.  You’ll find yours prayers becoming more focused, more powerful, more life-changing.

The prayers within speak of God’s majesty, faithfulness, wisdom, and love.  Through these weekly prayers you’ll find yourself lifted up…in true worship, praise, and thanksgiving.

“We need to pray more; we need to give more careful thought to the content of our prayers; and we need to spend more time preparing our hearts and our tongues for prayer. It is with that in mind that I offer this book.”
–John MacArthur