10 Commitments for Dads

How to Have an Awesome Impact on Your Kids

Josh McDowell

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Raising kids has never been easy. In today’s world it seems doubly hard. So it’s great when someone who knows what he’s talking about comes along with wise counsel.

Author and speaker Josh McDowell is one such person. He has spent over 50 years successfully working with young people, including raising his own four children. Like a close friend and mentor, he guides you into 10 practical life commitments. They will help you lead your kids to confidently face a challenging and sometimes hostile world. You will discover how to help your kids learn to:

  • love God, love themselves, and love others
  • make right choices
  • resolve conflict and respond properly to authority
  • grasp God’s design for sex and relationships
  • deal humbly with success and graciously with defeat

10 Commitments for Dads is a straightforward, concise resource for keeping your children in the centre of your heart while preparing them to live rewarding and God-honouring lives.