Growing with Jesus

100 Devotions

Andy Holmes

Price: S$24.10

Jesus’ love-something your children will never outgrow!

By the time your child finishes this book, he or she may have:
grow an inch taller
survived two or more haircuts
outgrow a pair of shoes or jeans
worn out and automatically replaced 120,000,000 cells!

It’s amazing to watch children grow. One day, they’re little kids; the next day, they’re almost teenagers. God loves to see children grow too–but more than anything, He wants them to grow closer to Him.

Each of these 100 devotions offers a Bible verse, a bite-sized “Thoughts to Grow on” devo, and a challenge that encourages kids to connect to God. Plus, fascinating facts teach kids cool new things about God’s creation.

As your children change on the outside, make sure they spend time with Jesus every day so that their faith keeps up. Once they start growing, it’ll be hard to stop them–and their faith!