10 Commandments of Marriage, The

Practical Principles to Make Your Marriage Great

Ed Young

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Your marriage may not always be bliss. BUT IT CAN BE AMAZING!

Every married couple will at some point experience disagreements, sexual frustrations, miscommunications, run-ins with in-laws, and/or financial stress. These things can easily erode — and ultimately ruin — otherwise great marriages. This, however, doesn’t have to be your story.

Ed Young offers profound, humorous, often personal, and always biblical words to foster whole, healthy, and dynamic marriages Drawing on more than five decades of ministry experience, he provides 10 principles or Commandments of marriage to help safeguard and maintain a lifelong marriage that sizzles.

These easy-to-follow guidelines will not only make the difference in protecting your marriage, they will also help your marriage flourish!

1. Thou Shalt Be Selfless
2. Thou Shalt Have No Strings Attached
3. Thou Shalt Continually Communicate
4. Thou Shalt Make Conflict Thy Ally
5. Thou Shalt Avoid the Quicksand of Materialism
6. Thou Shalt Flee Sexual Temptation — Online and Otherwise
7. Thou Shalt Forgive Thy Mate — 490 Times and More
8. Thou Shalt Romance the Home
9. Thou Shalt Begin Again and Again
10. Thou Shalt Build a Winning Team