Secret Keeper Girl Pajama Party

Secret Keeper Girl Pajama Party: Plan a Party Worth Losing Sleep Over

Dannah Gresh

Price: S$18.83

Get Closer to God & Each Other in Your PJ’s
Can your next pajama party be even more fun than the last one? Sure! You hold in your hands everything you need to host your pick of the coolest pajama parties ever.

Two special guests are going to make your parties different from all the rest: your mom and God.

And one other great thing–Mom doesn’t have to do all the work. This book has everything you need to plan and host four different PJ parties:

  • Go to a princess and peasant ball and find out how God says you’re his princess!
  • Get purple (food, PJ’s, you name it) and discover just how highly God thinks of you!
  • Create a “spa” in your own home and talk about real beauty–the kind that’s inside!
  • Put on a fashion show and see what’s good to wear and what’s not!