Sticky Faith Guide for Your Family, The

Over 100 Practical and Tested Ideas to Build Lasting Faith in Kids

Dr Kara E. Powell

Price: S$25.36


Nearly half of all young people raised in Christian families walk away from their faith when they graduate from high school.

That’s the bad news.

But here’s the good news: Parents are one of the primary influences on building a lasting faith in their children.

This book arises from the innovative, research-based, and extensively field-tested project known as Sticky Faith, borne out of the Fuller Youth Institute’s seven years of research with more than 500 young people, 150 churches, and 50 families. As a result of this study, parents like you now have the insights and practical ideas you need to set your family on a trajectory of lifelong faith. If you are eager for an authentic action plan you can use every day to point your kids towards long-term faith, this is it.

With more than 100 ideas from other parents that you can try today, this positive and practical book will empower you and give you hope, with the proven tools and inspiration you need to build a faith that sticks in your children and teenagers.