New Testament Theology

Donald Guthrie

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The culmination of a lifetime of study, this comprehensive New Testament theology brings out the rich variety of New Testament thought while demonstrating its inner unity.

New Testament theology, maintains Donald Guthrie, centers on Jesus Christ–his person, work and mission–and is unified by repeated emphasis on the fulfillment of Old Testament promise, community, the Spirit and the future hope.

An extended introduction surveys the history, nature and method of New Testament theology and sets forth the distinctive of Guthrie’s synthetic approach. Guthrie then examines New Testament thought under the thematic headings of God, man and his world, Christology, the mission of Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Christian life, the church, the future, the New Testament approach to ethics, and Scripture. Within each chapter he explores the synoptic Gospels, the Johannine literature, Acts, Paul, Hebrews, the remaining Epistles and Revelation.

Marked by scholarly rigor and thoroughness, New Testament Theology is a standard reference and text, reflecting mature conservative scholarship at its best.