God Makes Sense

For Evangelistic Courses like Alpha, Christianity Explored and Emmaus

Gordon Wong

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“This book addresses the questions of suffering, sin, and our quest for significance in a very helpful way. Dr Gordon Wong brings his skills and experience as a biblical scholar, pastor, and preacher to put together an extended reflection and meditation on what we can make of human suffering, and how we ought to respond to it.“
Bishop Dr Robert Solomon
In his Foreword

Life sometimes makes sense. But what do we do when it doesn’t? Some people think that religion and God are of only marginal relevance in today’s world. But the God of the Bible addresses questions that concern us all: Why is there so much suffering? Why do human beings treat each other so sinfully? What is the significance and meaning of life? This book presents a summary of the Bible’s response to these universal questions, and explains why believing in God makes sense — even when life doesn’t.