Once An Addict

The fascinating true story of one man’s escape from the murky drugs underworld

Barry Woodward

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Barry Woodward was a drug dealer and heroin addict who once lived on the notorious Bull Rings in the centre of Manchester.

This book describes Barry’s descent into the murky underworld of drug dealing, addiction, crime and imprisonment, and gives first hand insight into the city’s nightlife and music scene. Along the way we are introduced to some of the most extraordinary characters, and we see the extreme lengths to which some of them will go to get their next ‘fix’.

Illegal drug use claimed the lives of many such people, and it seemed inevitable that Barry would also succumb to the drastic consequences of his addiction.

With devastating amphetamine-induced mental health issues, a fourteen-year heroin addiction, a string of broken relationships, and the threat of HIV looming, the outlook for Barry appeared very bleak. Then three extraordinary encounters changed his life forever…