One-Minute Counselor for Women, The

Practical Help for Reaching Your Kids, Honoring Your Husband, Strengthening Your Relationships

Teresa Wright

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If I’m asked to do one more thing, I think I’ll scream. Help!
How can I empower our children to achieve healthy maturity?
My partner doesn’t communicate well, what can I do?

Quick Answers to Your Questions

Feel stressed? Want help with relationships? Hope there’s more to life than just day-to-day living? Known for her wise insights, Teresa “Tess” Wright offers practical suggestions for becoming more productive and experiencing more joy. Arranged alphabetically by topic, this booklet provides real-life solutions to the issues you care about, including relationships, marriage, motherhood and work.

The One-Minute Counselor for Women will help you quickly address important problems.

Includes a special section on mentoring