William Wilberforce: Achieving The Impossible

A New Biography

Mark Williamson

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William Wilberforce is best remembered as the parliamentary leader for the British campaign to abolish the slave trade. He took on the financial system of his day and fought an incredible twenty-year battle in order to bring about justice and freedom for the marginalized and the vulnerable. But this rarest of politicians was motivated by a radical faith in Jesus that also led him to spearhead a number of other causes.

Read the full story of Wilberforce and his friends in the Clapham Sect: how they not only abolished the transatlantic slave trade that was destroying Africa, but also began a missionary movement in India, sent Bibles across the world, were at the forefront of improving education for the poor of Britain, and finally succeeded in bringing emancipation for all slaves throughout the British Empire. Learn the spiritual secrets of a group of friends who were united in faith, and who tirelessly worked together to achieve the impossible.

This book is part of the Remarkable Lives series of biographies from One Rock, each designed to do things: tell the life story of a remarkable Christian missionary, act as a reference work featuring that person’s most important quotes and anecdotes, and serve as a training tool through the life lessons at the end of each chapter. One Rock resources spiritual leaders to fulfil God’s vision for their lives.