Here’s How to Win Souls

Gene Edwards

Price: S$16.05

Here’s How to Win Souls by Gene Edwards is the largest selling book ever on the subject of evangelism. This book led to the author’s directing citywide campaigns in personal evangelism. He took the book out of print.

Why was the book so well received? It was because it gave us a revolutionary concept in personal evangelism. More than that, the book was practical.

Fifty years later Here’s How came into public domain, and recently a poor Xerox copy of the book was published. After seeing that copy, Edwards decided to re-release the core portion of the book. In this new edition you will find a section of the book which is entitled How I Speak to Others about Jesus Christ Today… Fifty Years Later.

Today Edwards’ way of speaking to others about Christ is different from how it was then. Yet, you will find his words to be practical, unique and effective, just as they were 50 years ago.