Jeanne Guyon Nobody Knows, The

Gene Edwards

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Gene Edwards, camera in hand, traced the life of Jeanne Guyon in France where she lived back in the 1600s.. He photographed the places she lived and where she was in prison, from her home in Montargis through to her death in 1717.

Over and again he was surprised about things no one today knows if Jeanne Guyon. You will be just as surprised as he was. Twelve of his photos have been turned into sketches. You will see Guyon’s life as never knownb before. Also, for the first time, you will understand what her imprisonments were like, as three of those prisons still exist today.

If you have been influenced by the incredible life and writings of Guyon, you will come to love her story all the more. Edwards followed her life story to the end. There he found the greatest shock of all… what happened to Guyon after her death.