God Breathed

The Undeniable Power and Reliability of Scripture

Josh McDowell

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“God said, ‘Let there be. . .’ ”
And when God spoke, things happened.

Come along on a life-transforming journey—a journey that promises a close encounter with the power and reliability of scripture.

Come to understand how the living, breathing Word of God speaks directly to you—teaching the meaning of life, love, relationships, and the joy He originally intended for His beloved children.

The Bible is no ordinary book. For within its pages are the answers to meet each one of your needs and provide direction for your life. Authored by God Himself, the scriptures have the ability to breathe new life into you…they reveal the true heart of a God who knows and loves you and who desires for you to know Him intimately, too.

Join renowned speaker and author, Josh McDowell, as he provides clear evidence that God’s Word is living, relevant, reliable, and historically trustworthy: “For the word of God is alive and powerful.” (Hebrews 4:12). Sharing his own personal story as a skeptic-turned-believer to his recently acquired, never-seen-before ancient scriptural artifacts, McDowell reveals the irrefutable truth: scripture is historically reliable, and it is undeniably the most powerful document of all time.

Recapture the awe, the mystery, the passion, and the power of scripture in God Breathed—where you’ll personally experience a life transformed by the One who spoke everything into existence—including you.