School of the Prophets Leader’s Guide

Advanced Training for Prophetic Ministry

Kris Valloton

Price: S$19.80

The Essential Guide for Prophets

Few topics in the Church today are as crucial, compelling–and controversial–as the roles of modern-day prophets and prophetic ministry.

In this eight-session leader’s guide, Kris Vallotton equips you with everything you need to provide your group with critical advanced training on these topics, including how your members can
· discern their callings and grow in their gifts
· define their divinely appointed spheres of influence and depths of authority
· recognize the six different types of prophets–and how to deal with false ones
· navigate potential relational difficulties as they step into their gifting
· understand the complex ways God communicates
· prepare for the common, but dangerous, spiritual attacks prophets face

Ideal for facilitating small groups, Bible studies and church classes, this leader’s guide is perfect for seasoned leaders and new leaders alike. Each of the eight sessions includes
· an agenda
· a prayer focus
· group discussion questions and suggested answers
· immediate application teaching
· video listening guides

You can be part of this vital, beautiful supernatural ministry. Are you ready?