10 Things for Teen Girls

You are beautiful. You are valuable. You are enough.

Kate Conner

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You’ve got 1 future. Here are 10 ways to change it.

Teen girl, you hear a lot of negative voices out there, voices telling you that you’re not beautiful, sexy, smart, or valuable enough. But Kate Conner offers a different voice. 10 Things for Teen Girls is based on her blog post that pulled in more than 2 million views in just two weeks, proving that you and your friends are ready to hear a new message-one that points you away from the world’s wisdom and toward God instead.

Using wit and grace, Kate tackles gotta-know topics such as

  • The dangers of batting eyelashes and playing dumb
  • Navigating social media and avoiding social drama
  • Modesty and the superpower qualities if femininity
  • And the all-time worst advice ever

You and your friends will love Kate’s humor, her honesty, and -most of all-her message. When the world’s negative voices attack, her voice can be one to remind you the truth- You are beautiful. You are valuable. You are enough.