True Love Project

How the Gospel Defines Your Purity

Clayton and Sharie King

Price: S$20.87

What happens when you define purity the same way God does?

If teens embraced love and sex as the gospel defines them, how would the world change? How would you change? True Love Project is not just another book on sex and virginity. It’s a call to your generation to pursue purity through Christ.

Authors Clayton and Sharie King offer a biblical definition of love, sex and romance that is more fulfilling than any “love” that society is selling. Using scientific facts and faith-building Scriptures, the Kings give honest answers to hard questions teens struggle with:

  • What’s so bad about having sex outside of marriage?
  • How far is too far?
  • If I’m in love, does that make it okay?
  • Why would God gives us the gift of sex and then tell us we can’t have it?
  • I’ve already messed up sexually – why does it matter now?
  • Is it really possible to stay pure? If so, how?

The world will tell you that sex is everything and comes with no boundaries. But God’s plan is different. He loves you and wants more for you and your relationships that what this world has to offer. So He’ll continue to call you to purity, and True Love Project offers a battle plan to get you there.