Out Of Darkness

possessed… rescued… forgiven

George Osborn, Becci Brown

Price: S$18.73

“George! There’s a train coming. Get up!” The urgency was tangible in their voices, their fear increasing.

“George, stop being stupid. Move!”

‘What they didn’t realize, as I lay there spread across the track linking Woking to London, was that I had been pinned down. I couldn’t get up. I was paralysed.’

George Osborn lived a life of petty theft, drug-taking and partying. He started to dabble in the occult and swiftly found it taking over his life-to the point where, terrifyingly, he had no control over his own actions and safety. A stranger led him to an encounter with something that set him free and changed him beyond recognition.

Exposing the dangers of the occult, Out of Darkness is a candid and challenging account of George’s struggles to find his way in life and allows us to join him on his roller-coaster ride to freedom. An absorbing read.