Look & Find Bible Stories

Hours of Search-And-Find Fun from the Nativity Story

Gill Guile

Price: S$19.80


In Look & Find Bible young children will experience best-loved Bible stories in a world full of colors.

With so many things to explore on these large size illustrations full of details Look & Find Bible, is packed with nice pictures and things to spot on every page. Different items are shown in boxes and mentioned by its name.

Older children would also use this book to learn and spell selected simple words. In this way the book is being both a first word book and a look & find game at the same time.

Content: The Creation, Noah’s Ark, The Tower of Babel, Samson in Dagon’s Temple, The Burning Fire, Jesus is Born in Bethlehem, Jesus in the Temple, Jesus Feeds 5000, The Entry into Jerusalem, The Easter & Ascension of Jesus.