Out of Darkness (Stormie Omartian)

My Story of Finding True Light and Liberation

Stormie Omartian

Price: S$22.40

God Can Bring Life Out of Death, Light Out of Darkness

“I never thought I would live beyond my thirties. My life had been ruled by fear, depression, anxiety and loneliness, and I could not find any way out of my pain. I made one bad choice after another, with devastating consequences, trying to find love, acceptance and a reason to live. As hard as I tried, there was a darkness in me I could not escape, until there came a turning point that changed everything. This set me on a lifelong journey of hard situations that required a choice of whether to stay in the light or succumb to the darkness of my own doubts.”

“This book is not about me as much as it is about how anyone can find a way out of the darkness and onto the path that leads to true light, wholeness, purpose and life. I found freedom, restoration and transformation far beyond my ability to imagine it or to make it happen on my own. If I can find that, anyone struggling to rise above the difficulties of their life can find it too. This book will help.”