Adultery: I Survived (NETT)

True stories of women who found hope and courage in the midst of betrayal

Leong Li Khim


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“Adultery is a betrayal of the trust and loyalty in the marital bond. Many of these brave
women have shared their stories in this book… May their testimonies help many who find
themselves facing similar pain, brokenness and sadness.”

Rev Dr Canon and Mrs James Wong
Rev Dr Canon James Wong is the founding vicar of the Chapel of the Resurrection

This book was born out of grief turned to good. It is a reading not just for women, but for all men, especially husbands. It is a rare glimpse into true-life accounts of women who have gone through deep betrayal and pain because of an unfaithful spouse or parent. Find out about the sense of betrayal and rejection as one grieves over a languishing relationship, the loss of communication, the spouse’s frequent late nights and absence from home. Be touched by the testimonies of these women’s struggles and see how God brought His love, comfort and healing to those whose husbands and families had failed them.