Everything In Between (NETT)

A Journey from Singleness towards Marriage

Thelma Dzwowa


Price: S$15.00

“Filled with biblical and practical advice, this book will transform your life and prepare
the single woman for the next stage — marriage. Everything In Between provides
illuminating insights into one woman’s journey towards marriage. Thelma Dzwowa
discusses matters of the heart, mind and spirit that must be considered if the “right”
partner and a godly marriage are to be achieved. Writing from her own, sometimes
painful experiences, but with humour and compassion, Thelma shares very practical
issues that will certainly prove to be very helpful for ladies in a similar situation.”

Jeannie Mok
Senior Pastor
International City Church, Brisbane, Australia

In between being single and married is a whole world of experiences that shape the women we become. In Everything In Between, Thelma Dzwowa takes you on this journey as a single woman and candidly talks about her personal experiences and that of other single women. From the thrills of the single life to watching your friends get married and doubting God, Thelma reveals how they can have an impact on our lives. For better or worse, the choice is ours.