Look and Find Bible Stories – Jesus Meets People

Hours of Search-and-Find Fun from the New Testament

Charlotte Thoroe

Price: S$19.80

In the Look and Find Bible Stories – Jesus Meets People, young children will learn key stories as Jesus teaches, heals and meets different people in the New Testament.

Jesus met many people at various occasions, retold here in easy-to-read language on large text flaps. These favorite stories are illustrated with engaging landscapes filled with dozens of characters, animals and objects for kids to find. Key items to search for are shown on the large flaps children can open, which also reveals a fun search-and-find checklist full of activities.

This unique Bible picture book appeals to a variety of different learning styles. As children 3 and up read and interact with these best-loved stories, faith will grow in their hearts.

Stories included are: Jesus is Baptized (Mark 1:1-12), Jesus Turns Water into Wine (John 2:1-12), Through the Roof to Jesus (mark 2:1-12), Jesus at the Lake, Teaches about the Sower (Mark 4:1-20) and Jesus and Zacchaeus (Luke 19:1-10).

Learn and have fun!