Breaking Forth with Health (NETT)

Jason Teo

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God desires His children to prosper in health. If ‘by His stripes we are healed’ (Isaiah 53:5), how can we receive, sustain and grow in the healing He has purchased for us on the Cross? Read this handbook to experience new hope for healing, and learn how you too can experience the grace and power of Jesus to bring relief to your sickness!

Drawing from Scripture and his many years ministering to the sick, Pastor Jason Teo shows:

  • How provision for physical and spiritual health has already been made
  • What you can do to position yourself for healing and divine comfort
  • Sample prayers you can use
  • How you can walk alongside the sick in their time of need.

Breaking Forth with Health is not the usual health book you would expect. It is a resource no one seeking God’s healing for themselves or their loved ones should miss.