Casino – A Christian Testimony

Based on True Life Experience

Camillus Sim

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Memoirs of a Complete Gambler

Camillus Sim was a Flight Steward for seventeen years in an international airline. He was a “free-thinker” and a compulsive gambler who had “been there” in most of the Casinos all over the world. He was obsessed with Casino Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, and addicted to Soccer betting, 4D (lottery) and ‘Mahjong’ at high stakes.

He lived life to the full when everything he betted on turned to gold; he even won the first and third prizes from the same 4D (Lottery) draw. He acquired all that he wanted — a black BMW, Rolex watches, a $5000 handphone, VIP membership at casinos and resigned to start a Massage parlour.

He eventually lost 1.3 million dollars and had gone through the crisis of loan sharks splashing paints at his apartment whilst he was “on the run”. He was inevitable sued into bankruptcy. In his words: “Gambling had me in its grip, even after just one experience, I returned to gambling in a big way”.

In the darkest moment of Camillus’ life, God intervened through his Christian friends June and Andrew, who signed him up for an eight-day Retreat where he had a personal encounter with Jesus.

God touched him in a unique way; he was transformed, quit gambling and subsequently searched for a Christian/biblical perspective of gambling. A “must-read” for those interested in knowing more about what God has to say about gambling and a timely message of God in local Singapore flavour of how a kid brought up in Chinatown searched for God and the true meaning of life. His first book “Prayer Journal” was a blessing!