52 Weeks with Jesus Devotional

Spending Time with the One Who Changed Everything

James Merritt

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For the next 52 weeks, you’re invited to fall in love with Jesus…

What difference would it make in your life if you devoted a year to meeting, knowing and falling in love with Jesus? Dr. James Merritt considered that question, and for the next 52 weeks, he devoured the Gospels, read books about Jesus, and preached about Jesus from the pulpit.

The result was a change in his life that prompted Dr Merritt to invite others to join him in this profound experience of sitting at the feet of Jesus, absorbing his teaching, his parables, his life. It was a year of humility and grace. A year of removing planks from the eyes. A year of rekindling his passion for Jesus. A year of unparalleled discovery about life itself.

These devotions from that yearlong quest are designed to bring that same experience of renewal to all who want more of Jesus. More of life. For those who want to find out, as Dr Merritt discovered: