A Guide to Serving in the Body of Christ

Leith Anderson, Jill Fox

Price: S$16.05


You saw a notice in the newsletter, a friend asked you to help out, or the pastor asked for volunteers during the worship service. And you said yes. Or maybe you want to get more involved, but you aren’t sure where or how. You have questions, even some fears. The truth is that volunteering can be a rewarding and exciting experience–but to serve effectively, you need to understand the why, how, and what of serving others.

Based on the principles and training they have utilized in their ministries, two proven volunteer leaders–pastor Leith Anderson and Jill FOx–will help you:

  • Understand the importance of prayer in ministry
  • Avoid burnout and serve for the long term
  • Recruit others to serve in ways that are natural and easy
  • Enjoy the “Pay” that is more valuable than money
  • Find your fit and serve out of your strengths

Jesus is looking for a few good women and men to join him in his amazing work of bringing salvation and transformation to this world. Will you accept his call to volunteer yourself for the sake of others? This short and accessible book will guide you to resources you need to be inspired and trained to serve in the most vital workforce in the world today–the church of Jesus Christ.