Divine Encounters @ Marketplace-Vol 1

Stanley Cheng

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Stanley Cheng is a redeemed disciple of Chr1st, a Multiplier and a Mentor.

After obtaining his MBA from London in 1982, Stanley has worked in various senior management positions in the Asia Pacific Region in SMEs and conglomerates, Fortune 500 MNCs such as Honeywell and Chevron, NGOs such as the YMCA of Singapore, government institutions and as a Consultant for the European Commission-ASEAN COGEN Programmes based in Thailand and Indonesia. In 2000, before China was admitted to the World Trade Organisation (WTO), Stanley was invited by the WTO to give a presentation and training to China senior managers on the topic of International Marketing and Leadership & Vision. In 2002, the UK Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) commissioned Stanley to write an article titled “China Marketing” which was published, and subsequently edited and reprinted in China in 2011. Stanley has been an Adjunct Professor to the Pyongyang University of Science & Technology in International Marketing & Management since 2011.

Stanley is an Elder of the Asian Institute of Technology Christian Fellowship (AITCF) based in Bangkok with over 100 families from 20 nations in the 50-nations university campus. He is an alumnus of strong discipleship-focused global organisations, The Navigators and the Haggai Institute. His personal experience with MIND FASTING and daily entrenchment in authentic discipleship and intentional disciple-making has given him the joy of a strong foundation and experiencing an intimate walk and a deeper life with Jesus, culminating in direct encounters that have led to many God-ordained miracles (including his two deaths) over the years that are recorded in this book “Divine Encounters @ Marketplace” Volume 1. Since 2002, Stanley’s life perspective has been and continues to be shaped by God’s vision to him of “China and Many Nations”, which was broadened to “Global” vision in 2008. His life motto is: Pleasing God. Connecting Nations. Reaching People.

Stanley has been happily married with Linda since 1979. They have two wonderful children, Melody and Newman, who are enjoying their careers in the legal and medical sector respectively. Newman’s recent marriage to Clarissa has been a happy addition to the family. Stanley enjoys meeting and being involved with people. He develops relationships with others by playing sports with them include golf, horse riding, sailing, swimming, basketball, badminton, table tennis and tennis.

Praise for “Divine Encounters @ Marketplace” Volume 1:

This…is an easy read with simple and short chapters as it’s written from the heart of Stanley Cheng, led by the Holy Spirit over the years since his miraculous born again experience on April Fool’s day in 1974. Enjoy reading and be transformed in Christ as Stanley intentionally put Him 1st in his daily life to receive divine encounters with the living God!

~ Elim Chew
Founder of 77th Street
Entrepreneur and Social Entrepreneur


“…This is a wonder-filled book…It has lifted my spirit, encouraged me and caused me to remember. “The road is neither short nor long, it is just right as it is God’s road. The LORD God will complete His work in His time.”

~ David Carl Lewis
Overseer, See-Make BRANCH
Seattle, Washington, USA



“…I was impressed, not only by his record of achievements as a marketer for MNCs, but also and mainly by his warm personality and his charisma…how blessed I have been to cross his path and walk along him for a few years in Europe and ASEAN. He…shared with me his experiences as a shepherd of God in modern times…”

~Dr Ludo Lacrosse
Executive Chairman of Full Advantage Co Ltd
Former International Team Leader of Vietnam-Swedish Rural Energy Programme
Former Coordinator of European Commission – ASEAN COGEN Programme

“An unfailing sense of wonder, a bold yet childlike faith, amazing accounts of visions, healing, deliverance, breakthroughs in the workplace – there are no coincidences, only divine encounters. Nothing is too trivial, no one too inconsequential. This is a living testimony of how the book of Acts should continue in this day and age. Amazing book from a yielded life that might transform your own walk with God.”

~Phyllis Tan
Executive Director & CEO
Metropolitan YMCA Singapore

Stanley epitomizes the spirit of entrepreneurship, a must read for every business owner…This book contains most captivating and heart-warming stories of our time and embodies the power of purpose and perseverance that flow from an empowering belief in the greatness of the God he serves…be inspired by his courage and tenacity… Reading this book will already give the reader a greater desire to fully live, love and learn.

~Khoo Hin Hiong, D.D.
Founder President, International Christian Mission, Inc.

“…These divine stories are captured solemnly by Brother Stanley Cheng as he moves around pleasing God, connecting nations, reaching people during his redeemed discipleship journey over the years with authenticity full of joy and pain in between…”

~Dr Lamech
Chairman, All Nations Institute of Medical Sciences, India

“Stanley’s book…recording his life journey to-date testifies to what a great and glorious adventure a life can be when it is lived with and lived for God…May this book be used to inspire many believers, especially those who may sometimes find their Christian lives too lame, tame and sane…”

~Kirk Tan
Director, Wealth Management, Barclays Bank
Founding Chairman of Men-in-Covenant,
the men’s ministry of Covenant Evangelical Free Church


“…Stanley and Linda are marketplace leaders who have a passion in impacting the younger generation so their journey across higher education and business leadership landscape is truly an inspiration for aspiring readers…their personal experiences are infectious…and should inspire many others.”

~Professor Hanry Yu
Professor of Physiology, Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine
Chairman of University Staff Christian Fellowship, National University of Singapore
Chairman of Social Concerns and Outreach Ministries, Queenstown Chinese Methodist Church

“…William Barclay said that the best defence of one’s faith is to relate a personal experience, and that one’s experience is the most unanswerable argument on earth… Stanley’s experiences here recounted will in an unanswerable way point us to the divine reality who ever seeks to have an encounter with all and sundry.”

~Lim K Tham
School of Divinity, University of Edinburgh, UK.
Formerly General Secretary of the Bible Society of Singapore
and the National Council of Churches of Singapore

“…His life’s experiences with the supernatural, seeing visions, and hearing the voice of God, reinforce the fact that God does not only use clergymen but also ordinary layman, who is willing to be God’s channel of blessings. Stanley’s life is also a constant echo of what the Lord has done for him. Everywhere he went, …his unquenchable desire to preach the Gospel also went with him.”

~Rev Dr Frederick L. K. Ang
Church Planter & Church Planting Coach, Myanmar

“…Stanley Cheng is at home, not just in the field of International Marketing and Management…but also in the miraculous. God has led Stanley through what would seem to be strange ways for some of us but He does it to remind us that you cannot box God into a neat idea…”

~Raj Mannar
The Navigators of Canada
Vancouver City Leader


“Heaven, hell, angels, demons, visions, miracles and the wonders of an amazing God. The life of Brother Stanley reads like the book of Acts and his powerful testimonies in his book…will challenge anyone to seriously re-evaluate their priorities in life!”

~Dr Leslie Tay
General Practitioner and
Author of ieatishootipost.sg

“…He strikes me as one who seeks after God for direction and always desirous to obey His Lord and Master. He is one of the few men I know who has a natural boldness and eagerness to share God’s word with love and tenderness…”

~Edward Ong
International Council Member/Asia Area President,
Y’s Men International
Former Board Member, YMCA of Singapore

“Reading this book…is just like sitting with a close friend and listening to him share his awesome journey with his Creator, complete with background music and perhaps even while sipping a glass of red wine or a cup of coffee! It is definitely a good ride with Stanley for anyone who wants to know more about Jesus through his life!”

~John Leung
President of H.E.F.T. Institute (HK) Ltd.

“God’s word and Stanley’s two death experiences prove that there is: 1) a Creator God, 2) Heaven and Hell, 3) accountability on Judgment Day for all of us, 4) God’s mercy and grace awaiting us all… Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew (LKY) said, “No one has died, been to heaven and returned to tell us the encounter”. I have read this wonder-filled book and would strongly recommend anyone to read with an open mind, with humility and with great expectation what MM LKY had missed but probably restored at the end as he had accepted the Christian meditation of ‘Maranatha’… (Come, O Lord).”

~Eddie Huang
Managing Director
Amrock Engineering (Far East) Pte Ltd

“…..You and your team are doing a good work to reach people in Cambodia, China, India, Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Russia, Hong Kong, Germany, UK and USA…Praise the Lord. May the Lord use your book to bless many others, both Christians and non-Christians, to come to a better knowledge and closer walk with God.”

~Rev Philip Heng
Pastor of Galilee Bible Presbyterian Church
Former Pastor of Calvary Bible Presbyterian Church

“Stanley reminds me of what it is to be led by the Holy Spirit. His simple obedience to God’s voice is all over the pages in the book… This book will surely inspire the reader to draw close to God because inside each one of us is the longing to know Christ more intimately. And that is what the Spirit is trying to convey through these pages beyond church into the marketplace and all places.”

~Pastor Andrew Chay
GO Missions
Victory Family Centre

“…He opened and used his apartment (using Apostle Paul’s model of Acts 28:28-31) for the tasks he loved to do – making disciples…Wherever he is and any place he stays, Stanley would always talk about Jesus and would not stop until all avenues are exhausted to lead a contact to the Lordship of Jesus! This book does not have an ending. It is only a pause. The next chapter will surely come but from his new address!”

~Rev Bob Betia, Ed.D
Retired Filipino Missionary to Indochina (1993-2009)

“Stanley demonstrated so wonderfully through his testimonies the deep transformation work of the Holy Spirit… There is much to benefit in learning from one who saw heaven and hell and lived to testify and still living with zeal for His Kingdom purposes.”

~Goh Kng Yan
SilkStream Asia Director
Elder, Zion Living Streams Community Church

“This book…is highly recommended for reading by anyone who wants to have an experiential encounter with the true and living God. Stanley re-emphasises and endorses what the great Apostle Paul did as a tent-maker in Acts…Stanley is a great encourager & a motivator in my personal walk with Abba.”

~Dr Chan Heng Thye
Director, CityGate Healing Room Ministry
Elder, City Missions Church