Not Forgotten

The True Story of My Imprisonment in North Korea

Kenneth Bae with Mark Tabb

Price: S$25.60

Kenneth Bae is ready to share the harrowing untold story of his imprisonment in North Korea-the longest detainee ever in US history.


Kenneth Bae will finally tell the full story surrounding his arrest and imprisonment in that country’s oppressive totalitarian state in a book titled Not Forgotten: The True Story of My Imprisonment in North Korea. This is a true story of modern-day intrigue and suspense, as well as a look into the heart of a man driven to help the people of North Korea -who ends up sentenced to fifteen years of hard labor with the threat of never seeing his family again.

In Not Forgotten, Kenneth will share details from the first moments of his ordeal to his widely publicized release, while offering a firsthand look into one of the most shrouded countries in the world.

The book shows that through it all Kenneth never wavers in his love for the North Korean people, even his captors. His story will offer readers both a compelling narrative of one man’s dedication to serving the less fortunate and a modern testament of a missionary forced to rely solely on the God who sent him into dangerous territory.