A Young Man’s Guide to Shaping Character, True Toughness and a Life That Matters

Shaun Blakeney,Marcus Brotherton

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Chiseled encourages, inspires, and challenges young men to integrate into their lives the components of what it means to become a real man. Those components comprise a code that all men need to learn, which includes chivalry, integrity and honor, self-control, financial stewardship, a strong work ethic, and more.
This book is filled with practical wisdom for young men who want to live meaningful lives. Readers will discover the balance between liberty and responsibility, and will learn the durable truths that will impact them for a lifetime.
Blakeney and Brotherton invite young men to take a step forward to maturity and then continue to step forward for a lifetime of purpose and direction that will positively impact all around them.
This is a respectful and direct call for male maturity.