Power and Purpose Of Singleness

Michael Cavanaugh

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“And you are complete in Him.”
-Colossians 2:10 NKJV

Incorporating an extensive study guide into the book, Michael Cavanaugh uses personal anecdotes and biblical understanding to share six important truths about singleness. He explains that God wants to use your singleness to bring you closer to Him. True joy comes only through living your life to serve God and others. Discover how you can…

” Overcome temptation as Christ did
“Accomplish great things for His kingdom
“Discover God’s blueprint for your life
“Gain victory over discouragement and disappointment
“Receive a personal vision for your life
“Break down walls of guilt and sorrow

Every person, whether single, married, or divorced, is a complete person, with ability, talent, skill, and promise. When you use your abilities to His glory, He will purify you and bless you beyond comparison. God has a place and a purpose for you!