Brief Insight into Anxiety, A (Pamphlet)


Price: S$2.05

This pamphlet offers a God-centred approach to helping people understand anxiety and panic attacks and begin to overcome them. Based on the respected Waverley Abbey Insight Series, it includes both personal insights and practical application, helping people to:

Recognise symptoms of both mild and extreme anxiety

Understand sources of extreme anxiety or panic attacks

Deal effectively with various types of anxiety.

A helpful, succinct resource for pastors, ministers, chaplains, friends and carers to have to hand for those struggling with anxiety or panic attacks. These handy pamphlets contain key practical insights on various issues taken from the CWR Waverley Abbey Insight Series of books. Based on CWR proven counselling courses, these short guides will equip you to understand and address problems effectively. Always keep them handy for helping sufferers or their friends/relatives.