Student Ministry Essentials

Reaching. Leading. Nurturing.

Steve R Vandegriff, Richard Brown

Price: S$28.80

Use Your Brief Time to Make a Big Impact

As a youth worker, you have the unique opportunity to walk alongside students in their critical life experiences. The adolescent years are some of the most formative in a person’s life, and many threats lurk around them. But skillful youth ministry can make a big impact in claiming a teen for Christ and setting them on a path towards growth.

Inside are critical elements-the essentials-to effectively enable you to influence students for the kingdom. A handbook for leading, nurturing, and reaching teens, Youth Ministry Essentials covers subjects like:

  • Leadership development
  • Parental involvement
  • Understanding teens and culture
  • Spiritual formation
  • Biblically-centered teaching
  • Outreach programming

Effective youth workers know students, know culture, and know ministry. They must respond to changing times, but they must first have a firm handle on the essentials. Learn from two veteran youth pastors turned college professors about how to better lead, nurture, and reach students for Christ.