HomeBuilders – Guiding Your Teenagers

Dennis Rainey, Barbara Rainey

Price: S$16.10


Holding on while letting them go.

Next stop: independence and adulthood.

Are your teenagers ready? Do you know how to get them ready? Do you know how to get yourself ready?

You know you have to let your teenagers go eventually, but you also want to keep them near. You want your connection with them to remain strong. Prepare yourself for what’s ahead through this 6-week study. You and a group of friends will discuss how to:

1. Guide your teenagers in developing convictions

2. Provide wisdom for some of the critical issues your teenagers will face: dating, sex peer pressure, and substance abuse

3. Take your relationship with your teens to the next level

You don’t have to just make this journey–you can enjoy it. Get some help with Guiding Your Teenagers.