Comforting Children In Crisis

know what to say, what not to say, and what you can do

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How do you help a child oppressed by life’s toughest issues?…tragic loss, poverty, a parent with alcohol/drug addictions? Where do you even begin to know how to help them? Prepare yourself with practical ways to love children through their greatest challenges. Kids face difficult, painful stuff in life–and they shouldn’t struggle alone. But what do you say? How do you help? What if you make things worse? This go-to guide gives you the confidence to share God’s love and comfort with hurting kids. You will be prepared to respond with 12 chapters focused on twelve emergencies that children you care for may encounter. Including:�Abuse �Bullying �Changing Family Dynamics �Death �Depression �Divorce �Legal Troubles �Moving �Special Needs �Substance Abuse �Terminal Illness �Tragic Personal Loss Each chapter includes: Real Life Narrative – Learn from someone who has been there Care and Counseling Tips – Practical ideas to personally reach out in love What to say and What not to say. Positive encouragement to help the hurting, and advice on what not to say You will gain counseling advice, practical tips, real-life scenarios, Scripture connections, and other resources for reaching out in love. NOTE: This is a special revised edition of the best-selling Emergency Response Handbook for Children’s Ministry.