Willliam Tyndale Story – DVD

Price: S$21.90

Language : English Mandarin
Subtitle : Chinese / English subtitles

Confidence Hero series – Wei Lianding Doyle let your family grow together and leap in faith, for people with a mission. He was fluent in eight languages, a Cambridge scholar, had an impressive achievement, and could have lived a good life of ease.

He chose exile instead, just to let Fu Jun farm children know and understand the bible better than priests.

Wei Lianding Doyle (William Tyndale, 1494-1536) not only burned himself while helping in [Zongjiaogaige] fire, but ignited and revived millions more souls.





威廉丁道爾(William Tyndale ,1494-1536)不只焚燒自己,同時助長了[宗教改革]的烈火,更燃起千千萬萬靈魂的復興…