Story Bible For Kids, The (Board Book)

Nina Smit

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The 40 stories in The Story Bible for Kids have been specially selected to appeal to a young reading audience, and its sturdy board book format allows children aged 3 to 6 to take it along wherever they go.

The excellent selection of 20 stories from the Old Testament and 20 stories from the New Testament will capture the essence of the Bible in a way children will fall in love with.

The Bible stories are dramatically illustrated, easy to read, Scripture-referenced and simple enough for young kids to understand, but detailed enough so that older children will not get bored.

The Story Bible for Kids presents biblical truths through a combination of brilliant writing and classic illustrations that is sure to captivate the imagination of parents and children alike.

A carry handle will make The Story Bible for Kids a favorite Bible and children will love carrying their very own Bible with them.